Foreign e-services businesses to pay 7% VAT in Thailand

Effective September 1, 2021, foreign businesses rendering e-services to users in Thailand who are not VAT registrants (e.g. individuals, Representative/Regional Offices) are required to register to VAT if their turnover in Thailand exceeds THB 1.8 million per fiscal year and such revenue generated from Thailand-based users are subject to 7% VAT. This includes online games,


How to invoice as a VAT registrant in Thailand?

Tax point As a VAT-registered entity in Thailand, an important factor to consider when invoicing your customers is the ‘tax point’. The tax point is the date when the VAT is due, and the date differs whether you sell goods or services. For the sale of goods, the VAT is due when the goods are


PP36 form – VAT on ‘imported’ services

Making a payment to a foreign entity for the provision of services used/consumed in Thailand is considered import of services and the paying company is required to submit VAT 7% to the Revenue Department by filing the PP36 form. Although the supplier’s invoice may not contain VAT, the company registered in Thailand shall submit the