• What is BizStep?

    BizStep is your online accounting, tax filing, payroll and audit support in Thailand.

    We offer cost-effective solutions for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and take care of all your accounting, tax, payroll and audit liabilities.

    Our system is cloud-based so your data is available at your fingerprints whether on your computer or mobile.

  • How is BizStep different from other accounting firms?

    BizStep offers all-inclusive subscription packages* at competitive and transparent pricing.

    We do not charge by the hour or by the transaction and do not charge any hidden extras such as transportation and administrative costs.

    We offer cloud-based accounting services with 24/7 online access, allowing you to keep constant visibility on your business figures.

    *up to 500 transactions / fiscal year for bookkeeping and tax filing services and up to 10 employees / month for payroll services

  • What services do you offer?

    Our offer currently consists in two main packages as follows:

    • Accounting & Audit (recommended): Bookkeeping, Tax Filing, Payroll and Audit
    • Accounting: Bookkeeping, Tax Filing, and Payroll


    We may also assist in registering your company, representative office or regional office in Thailand.

  • Monthly vs. Annual Billing

    We offer Monthly and Annual subscription plans, the latter allowing you to save 10% on your yearly accounting and audit fees.

  • Are your fees truly all-inclusive?

    Yes, our subscription fees are all-inclusive* except for the VAT (at the current rate of 7%). There are no hidden costs.

    Obviously, our fees do not include government fees, taxes, Social Security contributions and any other fees specific to your company. Such costs would be separately invoiced to you on a monthly and annual basis.  Also, our fees do not include any penalties or fines related to the late submission of financial statements, taxes and Social Security contributions.

    *up to 500 transactions / fiscal year for bookkeeping and tax filing services and up to 10 employees / month for payroll services

  • Your all-inclusive packages cover up to 500 transactions / fiscal year. What happens if I overcome such limit?

    Our scope of services is currently limited to 500 transactions per fiscal year (or about 40 transactions per month).

    However, exceptionally and as soon as your organization overcomes 500 transactions, we will send you an invoice for an additional 50 transactions package charged at only THB 4,490.

  • What is a ‘transaction’?

    A transaction is an accounting data entry. For instance, one expense invoice from your supplier could generate two transactions: one when it is recorded (as a liability – Accounts Payable) and one when it is paid.

    For example, your company receives an Invoice from BizStep on 01/01 and pays it on 15/01, the transactions will be recorded as follows:

    01/01 – Description: Issuance of Invoice

    Expenses – Accounting services  4,500

                         Accounts Payable – BizStep  4,500

    15/01 – Description: Payment of Invoice

    Accounts Payable – BizStep  4,500

                         Company Bank Account  4,500

    Total: 2 transactions.

    To track the volume of transactions, we make the ‘Journal Report’, an accounting report listing all recorded transactions, available to you. This report serves as a mutually agreed proof of the number of transactions.

  • Do you take care of E-Filing registration to the Department of Business Development (DBD), Revenue Department (RD) and Social Security?

    Yes, we assist you in these registrations and do not charge any additional fees for such service.

  • Do you provide VAT and Social Security registration services?

    No we do not assist you in registering your company to VAT and Social Security. However, should you be interested, we would be pleased to introduce you to our legal partners who could assist you for such service.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Our Fees:
    For our services fees, we only accept online payments via Debit/Credit Cards through PayPal.

    Your Taxes:
    For all your taxes, social security contributions and government fees, you may directly transfer from your company bank account to our tax disbursement account.

  • I do not have a corporate credit card. Can I pay with my personal debit/credit card?

    Yes, and such amount could be reimbursed from your company bank account to your personal account. Although the payment was made from your personal account, this expense can be allocated to the company.

    For all government fees, taxes and Social Security charges specific to your business, we would strongly recommend to pay via Direct Debit transfers from your company bank account though.

  • How about the Withholding Tax on your services fees?

    No worries, following your payment, we will deduct the Withholding Tax of 3% on your behalf and submit it accordingly.